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Bethesda VP on Exclusives: “I can only apologize to PlayStation users “



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During an interview, Bethesda Softworks ‘VP of Marketing commented on netizens’ frustrations with the exclusivity of Starfield, the company’s first PC and Xbox-only game after its deal with Microsoft.

Hines said he had no control over the situation and did not know how to “reassure” fans of Sony consoles. In this case, nothing depends on him, although he realizes how offensive it can be to some fans.

If you are a big fan of the games we make and those games are no longer available on your platform … I understand perfectly well that you are unhappy or angry. I understand this, these are quite real feelings and experiences. But how do you cope with them – I do not even vaguely imagine. Just because I never thought that I would ever have to give advice on what is best to do in such a case.

Pete Hines
Vice President of Marketing, Bethesda Softworks

Therefore, he tries to pay more attention to his direct responsibilities for promoting new Bethesda games and to solve the problems that he can really solve. However, Hines noted that he is really sorry and he can only apologize to PlayStation users.

On the other hand, I can’t waste all my time talking about what we don’t do. I try to fully focus on how we make games for other platforms, how this work is progressing, when we are ready to tell more about them, what plans we have and whether we should change them if some part of the game is not ready yet. Because in that case, I really can do something. I can talk about how we will show this or that feature of the game, how we will explain it to the players.

But I don’t know how to allay the fears of PlayStation 5 fans. I will only say that I myself play on PS5, and there are games that I will play on this console. But if you want to play Starfield, then it will only be on PC and Xbox. Sorry. I can only apologize. I am sure that this has upset many, but I am unable to do anything.

Pete Hines
Vice President of Marketing, Bethesda Softworks

The vice president of the publishing house also noted that the company did not even think about developing Starfield only for the “Xbox ecosystem” before the deal with Microsoft. He noted that it really becomes easier for studios since they do not need to worry about optimizing and adapting the game for different platforms. According to Hynes, the situation is similar to Deathloop, which will be released on PC and PS5.

The release of the space RPG from Bethesda is scheduled for November 2022.

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