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Bethesda’s Head of Publishing Criticizes Former Blizzard Developer’s Comments on Starfield’s Main Menu



Bethesda's Head of Publishing Criticizes Former Blizzard Developer's Comments on Starfield's Main Menu

Starfield, Bethesda Studio’s highly anticipated upcoming game, has recently become the subject of leaks, shedding light on various aspects, including its Main Menu Screen. Criticism of this main menu design was voiced by Mark Kern, a former developer at Blizzard. Kern suggested that the development team behind Starfield either rushed their work or displayed a lack of care. He tweeted an image of Starfield’s Main Menu Screen along with the following commentary:

The visage of start screens.

A game’s start screen can unveil much about the team’s pace and pride in their craft.

Starfield’s start screen either signifies impassioned, overworked individuals meeting tight deadlines, or an indifferent team.”

This critique promptly gained attention after publication, prompting both journalists and users to respond with their own criticisms of Kern’s viewpoint. Fans of Bethesda Studios defended the minimalistic approach to Main Menus in their games, distinct from other studios’ offerings. Users pointed out that acclaimed games like “GOD OF WAR” (2018), “Elden Ring,” and “The Last of Us” also feature straightforward yet passionate Main Menu Screens.

The situation caught the attention of Pete Hines, the Head of Publishing at Bethesda, who clarified that the Main Menu was an early and unanimous decision made by all development teams. He stated in response to Kern’s comments:

Alternatively, they conceived what they desired, and that’s been our menu for years; it was one of our initial choices.

Expressing an opinion is one matter, but impugning a developer’s ‘care’ due to a differing approach is markedly unprofessional, especially from a fellow developer.

Many journalists are now satirizing Kern for evaluating a game solely based on its main menu screen and urging users not to engage with his commentary due to its erratic nature.

The Head of Publishing at Bethesda Called Former Blizzard Developer “Unprofessional” for Calling Out “Care” of Another Developer for Creating Main Menu of Starfield

In addition to journalists and players, prominent Twitch streamer Asmongold voiced his contentment with the game’s Main Menu Screen during his stream. Starfield is scheduled to launch on September 6, 2023, for PC and XBOX Series X|S. Players who have purchased the Premium Edition or Constellation Edition will enjoy Early Access, commencing on September 1, 2023, granting them priority playtime.

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