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Bish Bash Bots: Review



Bish Bash Bots Review

Bish Bash Bots is a new indie strategy game developed by CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD and published by Firestoke. Unlike regular strategy games with various building mechanics to fulfill the goal of stopping an enemy force, Bish Bash Bots is a mixture of Defense Tower strategy and hammer action allowing players to both build and use abilities to stop the robots from destroying the towers scattered across different biomes. As players progress through the game by completing the levels of each biome, they will get revenge back from the robots who started a rebellion against the humans. This is our review of Bish Bash Bots.


The main plot for the story of Bish Bash Bots is nothing too crazy as it is easy to understand for any player. Robots who were once helpful to humans, started getting advanced and taking over the actual jobs of humans to start a rebellion against humanity. Humans got too lazy to understand the actual nature of the robots and got robbed of all the technology leaving them with nothing.

Luckily, four students created a device for stopping the robots by using a device that emits an Electromagnetic Pulse. They have placed the device in all of the biomes and before it activates, they must stop the robots rushing toward the device to malfunction it. The EMP wave can reset any robot in the range back to its default mode neglecting the ability to think and act on their own. These four students go by the name of Noah, Annika, Sol, and Zola and together they are known as ‘The Resistors’, the last hope for humanity.

The premise of the story and the actual game is simple and easy to understand but it is its gameplay and replayability value that sells the game.


Bish Bash Bots is a Single-player and multiplayer game that allows players to sit and enjoy the game in the best way they desire. However, the best way to enjoy this fun game is with friends due to more in-depth building on each level. As each level can be played with up to 4 characters, every character can build turrets around the map to stop the waves of robots. The more turrets you build, the quicker robots will fall, dropping the useful scraps.

Scraps are dropped by destroyed robots that can be used for building various kinds of turrets. Each turret you place will cost a certain number of scraps. The later waves in the stage are more difficult than the initial waves of robots and you must keep gathering the scraps while moving around on the map as well as using the hammer tool to destroy any robot that is low on HP. Every character has a hammer tool that can be used for two purposes, destroying robots and upgrading turrets.

Each turret you place can be upgraded twice by using the hammer by standing next to it. As you increase the level of the turret, it will become more effective in dealing more damage to each robot. You can build various strategies by placing various turrets of different upgrade levels throughout the map to quickly defeat the waves of robots. Once all the waves of robots have been dealt with, the device will activate emitting an Electromagnetic Pulse and resetting any robot in its range resulting in the success of the stage.

There are 32 stages in total divided into 8 different biomes that you must conquer all to save the world from the evil plans of robots. The early stages of the biomes are easy compared to the ending stages due to the stage design and robot types that take more damage than normal robots but if you are in a game with friends, then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to handle.

Visuals and Design

The leveling design of the game is soothing and sets a vibe of a relaxing defense tower game that every player can enjoy while sitting relaxed instead of molding. All the characters and robots are designed in a friendly way that you cannot even get mad at robots with an evil plan on their chips. The visuals of the world fit perfectly with the overall design and the conversation that takes place among the characters is a plus point to enjoy.

Verdict – Score 8/10

Bish Bash Bots is a great game to enjoy, especially with your friends as it is more fun than other molding defense tower games out there. Its hammering bash mechanic adds a nice touch to the control of the character allowing you to move around and even take out the robots by yourself to get extra challenging. If you are looking for a good party game that you want to enjoy with your friends then I would recommend you try out the Bish Bash Bots to save the world by stopping the evil but adorable-looking robots.

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