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For the King II: Review



For the King II - Review

For the King II is a tabletop turn-based strategy game developed by IronOak Games and published by Curve Games that serves as a sequel to the original For the King tabletop game. The first original game of the series has a great impact on the overall tabletop genre as it delivers great gameplay mechanics with a great story in the World of Fahrul and its sequel is nothing less but more. The overall gameplay is smoothened with great and effective changes in the combat system for players to enjoy and it does not end there as the game offers multiplayer for players to enjoy the whole narrative and exploration of Fahrul together. This is our review of For the King II.


The World of Fahrul has a new threat named Queen Rosomon who has turned against her subjects. She was once loved by her people but now she has been casting her people into servitude in the darkness of Fahrul’s mines. She has built an army using the sinister and malevolent forces that players need to stop alone or as a party of four players.

The whole narrative is divided into 5 different chapters and each chapter revolves around its unique story and playthrough. Players will get to select the characters at the start of each playthrough along with items they want to equip for the journey ahead. As players progress through each chapter to reach Queen Rosomon, they need to use everything at their disposal to defeat her and make the World of Fahrul peaceful again free of any sinister and malevolent forces.


For the King II offers the original tabletop turn-based combat experience with every move relying on roll check. It is like you are playing Baldur’s Gate 3 in a tabletop-designed world where you explore the Hex Tiles while progressing through the main quests, side quests, completing dungeons, and exploring the ‘?’ Hex Tiles to discover merchants and events.

The roll check automatically triggers after every turn whether you are moving in the overworld or combat. Rolling a higher check will grant you certain advantages such as more movement turns in the overworld and increases the hit impact for more physical/magical damage output in combat. This mechanic is completely based on Luck and to improve your chances of rolling higher checks, you can increase the Luck stat of the characters.

As you start the game, you take the role of The Resistance by selecting the four characters whether to play Solo or join up with friends as each friend takes one character. The main areas in the overworld are highlighted from the beginning where the main objectives lie but the rest of the overworld will be covered in clouds which you will get to discover by exploring.

Combat in For the King II is greatly improved and delivers the classic turn-based experience. Each character has their own set of skills and abilities that can be used per turn but the great thing is that you can move characters without using a turn allowing you to move the characters to the front line or backline to change strategic of fight in mid-fight. Unlike its sequel, the Focus mechanic also increases the attacks of the characters. You can use the Focus to increase the accuracy of the attack to deal high damage to the enemies.

Defeating the enemies in combat rewards you with Gold and other useful gear items that you can initially select to which character you want to give and later you can even transfer items among the characters if they are near to each other. Keeping your character near to each other is highly recommended especially, when encountering enemies. As you start the fight with the enemies, your team will only have the characters that were near to the actual encounter in the overworld. If you start the encounter with only 1-2 characters and the enemy line has more than 3 enemies then it will be difficult for you to survive the encounter.

Sound and Visuals

The character design in For The King II is significantly better than the original game and it does allow you to customize each character which adds more of RPG touch to tabletop game. The design of the overworld looks fabulous as the sounds of chirping birds and low-tune music greatly enhance the experience as you venture across Fahrul.

Verdict – Score 9/10

For The King II is great sequel to its original game delivering all aspects of the game to the point and more. A worthy narrative with unique and effective mechanics in a tabletop game does bring a joyful experience especially, if enjoyed with friends. Multiplayer of For The King II is easy and simple to set up for you and your friends to enjoy and if you are thinking about playing it alone then it is nothing less as it gives you the same experience as you get to control all 4 of the characters by yourself.

For The King II is now available on Steam (Microsoft WIndows).

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