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For the King 2: How to Get the Spectral Glaive Weapon



FTK 2 - Spectral Glaive Weapon

There are various kinds of weapons that players will get to find and equip to the appropriate characters to utilize their full potential. The starting weapons for each of the characters are mild and don’t deal a high amount of damage but as players start to progress into the main story and explore new areas of Fahrul, they will come across several new weapons. One of the best early weapons for magic characters is Spectral Glaive, a two-handed glaive with magic properties.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Spectral Glaive weapon in For the King II.

How to Get the Spectral Glaive Weapon in For the King II

The drop rate for the weapons is random in For the King II but certain categories of weapons have a high chance of dropping by defeating certain enemies. To get the Spectral Glaive weapon, you need to defeat Queensguard enemies. These enemies can be found pretty early in the game in the Autumn Forest region near the Guardhouse area where players will eventually come to completion of the main objective.

Ambush or fight against the Queensguard enemies and you will get to fight with Queens’ Soldier or Queens’ Ranger or both of them. Defeat all of the enemies to have a chance of getting the Spectral Glaive as a reward. Again, the drop rate is totally random and if you didn’t get it on the first try worry not as you will get to encounter Queensguards throughout the first chapter of the game. Try to defeat all possible Queensguards enemies to get the Spectral Glaive weapon.

Spectral Glaive Weapon Stats

Spectral Glaive weapon is a rare two-handed magic glaive that can be equipped by magic characters such as Scholar or Stablehand. It is better to use it with Stablehand because Scholar is more effective with the ranged spells. Using it with the Stablehand will allow you to deal Magic Damage to enemies using three different moves.

  • Cursed Poke
  • Spectral Thrust
  • Spectral Cleave

Each attack can deal 0 – 12 Magic Damage along with inflicting enemies with a curse by using the Cursed Poke attack. Equipping the weapon also increases the Resistance by +2 and Crit Chance by +5%. So, if you happen to come by a Spectral Glaive weapon in your playthrough, don’t sell or throw it away as there is always room to use certain weapons against specific enemy types.

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