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For the King 2: How to Gain Access to Guardhouse



FTK 2 - Guardhouse

Accessing the Guardhouse is one of the main objectives in the Resistance playthrough, Chapter 1. Players will have to get to the Guardhouse to proceed ahead in the campaign but there will be two different choices from which players must decide one to make their way to the Guardhouse unharmed.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to gain access to the guardhouse in For the King 2.

How to Gain Access to Guardhouse in For the King 2

The Guardhouse is located in the Autumn Forest region of the starting area of the game and as players make their way to the Guardhouse, they will find it secured by the Queensguard. Queensguard is a difficult enemy to take the fight against especially at level 1 of all the characters. So, to gain access to the Guardhouse, you can either fight the Queensguards or you can create a commotion to move the Queensguards away from the Guardhouse.

To gain access to the Guardhouse without any harm can be achieved by creating a commotion at the tavern which can be done by igniting the Queensguard Cargo Ship. The Queensguard Cargo Ship is located on the right side of the tavern at the Tinderton Pier. Move your characters to the ship’s location to get a slot outcome for burning the ship. You will either burn the ship successfully or take damage while doing it. Select the ‘Burn’ option to do a roll check and if you get a high check, you will burn the ship successfully without taking any damage and it will cause commotion at the tavern causing the Queensguards to move from in front of the Guardhouse.

Once they have moved to the pier, move your characters to the Guardhouse and enter it to progress ahead in the Resistance playthrough.

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