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For the King II: How to Unlock & Use Mercenaries



FTK 2 - Mercenary

The World of Fahrul is filled with sinister and malevolent forces that players must defeat to progress ahead in the main story of each distinctive playthrough. However, each playthrough only allows players to control 4 characters in total which is a low force compared to high enemy numbers or a boss. Fortunately, there is a Mercs mechanic in For the King II that players can utilize to gain extra hands in combat to overcome difficult fights.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock and use mercenaries in For the King II.

How to Unlock & Use Mercenaries in For the King II

Mercenaries are worthy fighters that players can hire for a limited time during their playthrough to get assistance in future fights to overcome a difficulty and increase the chances of survival for all the main characters. There are two ways to get Mercenaries in For the King II.

  • Recruit Mercs based on contract from Towns.
  • Rescue and recruit Merc from the Jailer.

Players can unlock the Mercs right from the start of the game as each town has several Mercs up for a contract. You need Gold to hire the Mercs from the towns and they will join and stay in your party until their contract has reached a deadline. However, you will get the option to renew their contract requiring more Gold to keep them for a longer period but it is best to not renew a contract and wait until reaching a new town to see what other towns hold in terms of Mercenaries. There is a possibility that you might find a stronger Merc than the previous one.

Another way you can come across a Merc and hire them for free only for the initial contract is by saving them from their captivity. As you explore the Hex Tiles in the overworld, you may come across a Mercenary Caravan. It is a random quick event that will pop up during exploration in which you will have to defeat the Jailer to free the Mercenary. Once the Mercenary is freed, you will get the option to invite the Mercenary to your Party for free but once their contract reaches a deadline, you can renew the contract by paying them with Gold.

Having a Mercenary in your party can make a lot of impact in combat as they can deal high damage to enemies based on their weapons. If a Mercenary dies during a fight, you cannot revive them and you might have to recruit other Mercenaries.

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