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Palia: How to Apply New Character Customization Options – Patch 0.172



Palia: New character customization

Palia offers a wide range of customizing your character in the game both with free options and paid options included. It has been 3 months since the release of the Open Beta of Palia and the Devs have finally added some free customization options for the players to show off when they jump into the latest patch of the game. The new free customization options are for both the character and general customization that players can apply with respective methods and this guide will help you in applying these new options.

How to Apply New Character Customization Options in Palia – Patch 0.172

The character customization options are different from the regular customization options as they include terms like Skin Tone, Eye Color, etc. which are different from hairstyles and so on. To change and apply the new character customization options, you need to go to Jel’s Store in Kilima Village. Opening the Character Customization Screen at Jel’s Store will allow you to change and apply new options from the following new additions.

  • 8 new skin tones
  • 16 new face options
  • 14 more eye color options

Once you have selected the desired changes for your character, you can confirm them to apply the changes. However, it has a one-week cooldown time which starts after applying the changes meaning, you cannot apply or change new customization options on your character until the cooldown time has ended.

New Customization Options in Palia Patch 0.172

The regular customization options also received some new additions with no cooldown time. Players can do the regular customization by simply interacting with a Wardrobe furniture. All the new additions to the regular customization options are the following.

  • 11 new hairstyles
  • 8 more hair color options
  • 9 new facial hair options (under the Face Cover tab)
  • 3 new glasses

As mentioned earlier, the regular customization options don’t offer options for Skin Tone and Body Types so, you must go to Jel’s Store to do the character customization to view and apply new looks.

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