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Palia: How to Customize Your Character



Palia: Customize Character

Palia World offers a warm welcome to the players as they meet with Palian people and settle in their personal plot area. Before coming to Palia World, all of the players would get to create their character and name it. As Palia has a wide range of cosmetics, players can also choose to customize their character further in Palia World. The customization will include hair options, makeup options, and outfit options that players can change whenever they like.

Bored of the same look you created initially for your character, then this guide will help you customize your character whenever you like in Palia.

How to Customize Your Character in Palia

To customize your character in Palia, you will have to craft a Wardrobe. The recipe for Wardrobe is given by Tish, owner of the Furniture Store and the Furniture Making Guild. Once you have built your Makeshift Tent, you can go and talk to Kenli about getting a house. Kenli will advise you to talk to Tish until he finds blueprints for the house. You need to talk to Tish and she will give you several furniture recipes and one of them will include a recipe for Log Cabin Wardrobe.

It does not matter which Wardrobe you are making. Obviously, as you progress ahead in the game, you will be able to make far more luxurious Wardrobes but all of them offer the same customization options. Once you have the recipe for Wardrobe, go to the Worktable and craft the Log Cabin Wardrobe. It will require 45x Sapwood. You can gather Sapwood by cutting down small trees around your plot area or in Kilima Valley.

Once you have the required number of Sapwood, craft the Log Cabin Wardrobe and place it inside your plot area. After placing down the Wardrobe, go near it and press the F Button to customize your character. It will open a similar menu as the character creation menu but you will have the following customization options.

  • Hair
  • Frames
  • Hats
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Skin/Makeup
  • Glider

Browse through the customization options and select the ones you like for your character.

NOTE: Not all of the items available in the customization options can be equipped. You will have to buy the items from the Store in Kilima Valley with Real Money.

To equip the changes to your character, select the confirm option in the bottom right of the customization menu. If you progress through the main quests of the NPCs in Kilima Valley, Jel will have a quest named Jel’s Style Tips in which you will have to use the Wardrobe so, it will also help you in completing the quest.

That is all related to how to customize your character in Palia.

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