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Palia: How to Get Starstones



Palia: Starstones

Starstones are one of the newly introduced items into the Palian World which were been in development for the past two months and now they have officially been implemented in the game. The Starstones will allow players to learn the constellation of which Lunar Moon their character was born to give more narrative to the story. Players will now be able to get the Starstones in their playthrough and this guide will assist you in getting them.

How to Get Starstones in Palia

Starstones are the new minable items that are dropped from mining the mine deposits scattered throughout Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay. Both of the map zones have several areas filled with mine deposits that players can choose to mine using the Pickaxe to get the Starstones.

However, the locations and drop rate for the Starstones are completely random so, there is no way to get the same Starstone again from the same mine deposit location again. There are 10 Starstones of different rarity that have been added with the latest patch and they are the following.

  • Amethyst – (Very Rare)
  • Aquamarine – (Rare)
  • Citrine – (Rare)
  • Emerald – (Very Rare)
  • Garnet – (Uncommon)
  • Jasper – (Very Rare)
  • Onyx – (Rare)
  • Quartz – (Uncommon)
  • Ruby – (Extremely Rare)
  • Sapphire – (Very Rare)

All the Starstones are the gems that you will be able to find through mining activity but each gem has its unique associated qualities that give more lore. Not only that but they are also appreciated by the villagers and have a high selling price according to the rarity. Due to the addition of the Starstones, the Palium nodes have also been increased by 60% which will allow you to gather Palium Ores more quickly and even drop a random Starstone upon mining.

It is also worth mentioning that the villagers’ Weekly Wants might include one of these Starstones so if you ever come across any Starstone by mining, store them in the storage to utilize them later according to the need of any villager or sell them for a great profit.

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