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Palia: How to Scavenge Rummage Piles



Palia: Rummage Piles

The new Palia patch has some interesting new changes to the Palian World that can offer players some unique rewards and one of them is the Rummage Piles. Rummage Piles are the new changes that have been done throughout the Palian World which will offer players furniture recipes for exclusive Rummage Piles Set and new quest items upon scavenging. However, there are some limitations that players should understand before scavenging the Rummage Piles.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to Scavenge Rummage Piles in Palia.

How to Scavenge Rummage Piles in Palia

The Chapaas have left Rummage Piles throughout the Palian World that can be found by exploring both the Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay map zones. These Rummage Piles include the furniture recipe for one of the items from the Rummage Piles Set or newly added quest items. There are 9 different furniture recipes for the Rummage Piles Set and 5 different quest items that players can acquire from scavenging the Rummage Piles.

To scavenge the Rummage Piles, players need to locate one of the Rummage Piles across the Palian World and press the F Key when get near it to scavenge it. Scavenging the Rummage Piles will grant them a random furniture recipe or a quest item. However, players can scavenge 1 pile per real life which resets daily at 8:00 PM (PT), meaning that players cannot farm the Rummage Piles to get all of the recipes and quest items in one go.

It will actually take 14 days for all of the players to gather all the furniture recipes and quest items combined. So, make sure that you are on the lookout for the Rummage Piles as well as you go out and mine the deposits for Starstones and so on.

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