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Palia: How to Build Multiple Main Houses



Palia: Build Multiple Main Houses

Building yourself a main house is one of the early quests in Palia that every player must complete to progress in the story. The main house can be built on the plot area and can be enhanced by placing housing add-ons to make different sections within your main house—however, the new Palia update 0.172 has increased the limit for placeable items, housing add-ons, and main houses on the plot area which allows players to build several houses that they can fit on the plot area.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to build multiple main houses in Palia.

How to Build Multiple Main Houses in Palia

The process for building the main house in Palia is the same as in the early patches of the game. You need to place down the foundation of the main house in the plot area and contribute Sapwood Planks and Stone Bricks to complete building the Harvest House which will take 8 hours (real-life time). Every Harvest House takes an area of 11×11 meters as standard and later you can place housing add-ons to further increase the area of the house.

To build the multiple main houses in Palia, you need to repeat the process of placing down the foundations of Harvest House through the build mode by pressing the H button and contributing the required resources for all of the houses. Lastly, you would only have to wait for each of the houses to complete and you will be able to use all of the main houses for different purposes as you want. However, you will only get the first Harvest House for free in the ‘House, Sweet House’ quest and to build more main houses, you need to buy them from the City Hall Store in the Kilima Village. Each Harvest House will cost you 15,000 Gold.

All the changed limits regarding building and add-ons in the plot area are the following.

  • The limit for total placeable items has been raised to 3,000
  • The limit for total housing add-ons has been raised to 30
  • You can now place multiple Main Houses on the same plot.

Note: Each Main House can have a max of 15 add-ons and a 30-building limit.

There is now no limit to building main houses but they can only be built inside the plot area. Once you run out of space in the plot area, you will not be able to build more houses but you can still make use of housing add-ons and placeable items to give a unique look to your houses and the plot area in general.

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