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For the King 2: How to Kill the Silver Snake



FTK 2 - Silver Snake

There are various enemy types that players will encounter in all the regions they venture into throughout the main campaign of the story. Defeating the enemies will reward players with certain gear items, consumables, Gold, and even quest items. The quest items are crucial for progressing into the main quests for the playthrough and players must defeat the specific enemy from which a certain quest item can be obtained. One of the quest items is a Cell Key that can only be obtained by killing the Silver Snake enemy.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to kill the Silver Snake in For the Kill II.

How to Kill the Silver Snake in For the King II

The Silver Snake is one of the swamp enemies that players will encounter during Chapter 3, The Royal Mines. As players progress through the 3rd act, they will be required to get a cell key for which they have to kill the Silver Snake. Silver Snake is one of the weakest but the tankiest enemies in the game with 100 Armor and 100 Resistance but with only 1 HP. However, the Silver Snake has evasive moves that allow it to evade several types of attacks and flee from the fight. If the Silver Snake flees from the fight, you will have to find it again and try to defeat it again to get the Cell Key.

To kill the Silver Snake easily, you need to get a weapon that neglects the armor and resistance. If you have started with the Stablehand class in your 3rd act of the game, you will already have the weapon but if you have chosen another class then you might want to find an Imp Wand. The Imp Wand is used by an Alchemist that neglects the Armor and Resistance to deal actual Magic Damage. You can find the Imp Wand from the Market or the dungeons in the overworld.

Apart from the weapons, you can use the bombs or a fire spell that spreads across the enemy lines to kill the Silver Snake but they have the chance to miss due to low roll check. It is better to use the actual weapon to increase the surety of killing the snake to get the cell key to continue on the adventure.

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