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For the King II: How to Fast Travel



FTK 2 - Fast Travel

The World of Fahrul offers various regions to explore throughout each playthrough of the mission while progressing through the story. Each region has several POIs, events, structures, and NPCs that players can meet to make their playthrough more interesting and fun but it can cost them hours only in traveling. Luckily, there is a fast travel mechanic that players can use to quickly travel from one area to another or an area that they recently visited to get out of danger.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to fast travel in For the King II.

How to Fast Travel in For the King II

There are two methods to fast travel in For the King II that players can acquire assistance and they are the following.

  • Using the Portal Scrolls
  • Activating the Alluring Pools

A quick method to fast travel in For the King II is done via using the Portal Scrolls. There are several types of Scrolls in For the King II that players can use to gain certain effects and bonuses and one of them is Portal Scrolls which can be used to open a portal for the characters to go back to a recently visited area. It only offers a one-way fast travel for the characters and if players want to travel back, they will have to use the Portal Scroll again. The Portal Scrolls is a common consumable item that can be obtained both from defeating enemies and buying from the Market of the towns.

Another way to fast travel in For the King II is by activating the Alluring Pools. The Alluring Pool is one of the POIs in the World of Fahrul like other structures that players can find via exploration. Players will have to first unlock the location of Alluring Pools to spawn them at Hex Tiles in Fahrul through the Lore Store. After unlocking the Alluring Pools, players will be able to find them as they explore the ‘?’ Hex Tiles.

It allows players to travel from one Alluring Pool to another but only works once both of the Alluring Pools have been activated, meaning players will have to travel more to find all of the possible Alluring Pools to make the fast travel more persistent. As characters teleport through the Alluring Pool to another Alluring Pool, it becomes unavailable for 1 whole turn. If players want to go back to the region from where they teleported, they will have to end turn for all of the characters to make it available again.

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