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For the King 2: Where to Find Grizelle



FTK 2 - Grizelle

Grizelle is a Resistance Member who has been captured by the Queensguards in the Autumn Forest region and freeing Grizelle is one of the main objectives in the Resistance playthrough, Chapter 1. Players must find the location where Grizelle has been taken to free him from the captives to progress in the campaign.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Grizelle in For the King II.

Where to Find Grizelle in For the King II

As players progress through the main quests for the Resistance in the first playthrough, they will come across an NPC named Hildegard, a Tavern Keeper. She will ask for your help to find Grizelle who has been captured by the Queensguard and taken into the Guardhouse. Follow through the main quest and find a way to make your way into the Guardhouse. Eliminate the enemies inside the Guardhouse to come across a scroll named ‘Prisoner Manifest’.

Read the Prisoner Manifest scroll to come to know about the transportation of the prisoners from the Tavern to a new place, Grasslands. Now, continue in the main adventure and make your way towards the east direction from the Guardhouse and keep on going until you enter the Grasslands region. Once there, look for any Prison Cart that is calling out for help and free them from the Prison Cart by doing a roll check to find and free Grizelle.

It is the same area where you will also get to unlock the Alchemist class as well so, if you happen to find any of the prison carts first, look for the other one to free both of the transported prisoners.

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