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For the King II: How to Unlock Hobo Class



FTK 2 - Hobo Class

Hobo is one of the returning classes from the original game in For The King II. They have the static 70 among all the stats except the Luck stat allowing players to equip them with any type of weapon according to the need. Players can use and change Hobo class in any role they like which makes it a great pick if they have a wide range of gear items.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Unlock Hobo Class in For the King II.

How to Unlock Hobo Class in For the King II

Hobo Class can be unlocked during Chapter Three of the playthrough in the same way as the Woodcutter and Alchemist. You need to find a Prison Cart as you progress through the chapter’s story and free Hobo from the Prison Cart to unlock it at the Lore Store. After starting the Royal Mines chapter, there will be ‘?’ Hex Tiles throughout the playthrough that you need to discover by exploring them. One of the Hex Tiles will have a Prison Cart on it which will allow you to free Hobo. However, the spawn of the Prison Cart is random and it is only during Chapter 3 so, there is a chance that you might not find Hobo during your first playthrough of Chapter 3.

Once you have found the Prison Cart in Chapter 3, use the movement turns to move one of your characters close to the Prison Cart and select the ‘free’ option to do a roll check. After the successful roll check, the Prison Cart will open and you will free the Hobo class which will unlock in the Lore Store.

To unlock Hobo Class and make it eligible to equip for your playthrough, go to the Lore Store from the main menu of the game and select the characters tab. The characters tab will now have Hobo class available and it will cost 20 Lore Books to unlock.

Hobo is a versatile class but it does have a lower impact than the original game which makes it less effective in combat as well as in the overworld.

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