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Blizzard claims it is “too soon” to announce Blizzcon 2020



Blizzard claims it is "too soon" to announce Blizzcon 2020

Many game events that were going to take place canceled due to COVID-19 and E3 2020 was one of them. It seems a big event is yet to be taken place and that is Blizzcon. An event that Blizzard holds annually to present all the news related to its franchises.

Earlier today, Blizzard released a note in which they shared all the details about Blizzcon.

In an official note, Blizzard has assured that it is actively working to concretize its plans so that it is finally possible to celebrate, yes, without ruling out any possible alternative in case it has to be canceled.

“While we are confident that things will improve throughout the year, the current situation is that it is too early to know if Blizzcon 2020 will be feasible,” they say from the company in said note. “The health of our community, our employees, and everyone who helps out on the show is at the top of our concerns. It may be months until we can finally know how to proceed, but as soon as we have news, we will let you know.”

“A conversation about video games is surely the last thing on people’s minds right now, and that’s the same for Blizzard,” they continue. “As events are canceled around the world, online events are delayed or organized in response to COVID-19, we are seeing questions about our plans with Blizzcon and want to give a quick response. “

If Blizzcon 2020 goes as planned, we could expect news about more content for games like World of Warcraft or Hearthstone, and above all, more data from Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4.

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