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Blizzard: Diablo IV to Integrate DirectStorage in the Future



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Blizzard has officially confirmed that Diablo IV, the highly anticipated game, does not currently employ DirectStorage technology. However, they have expressed their intentions to incorporate it into the game in the future.

The presence of a file supporting Microsoft’s DirectStorage technology in the Diablo IV beta directory on PC was first noticed by observant players during the spring. This discovery sparked speculation about the potential utilization of DirectStorage in the game. To shed light on the matter, developers engaged in a conversation with PC Gamer, where they acknowledged their plans for integrating the technology in a future update. Nevertheless, at the time of this confirmation, Diablo IV does not feature support for DirectStorage.

It is worth noting that Forspoken remains the sole PC game that currently harnesses the power of DirectStorage. This cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the gaming experience by significantly enhancing loading speeds when paired with an SSD and expediting the streaming of in-game assets. Players of Forspoken have witnessed the tangible benefits of DirectStorage, as it optimizes the performance of the game and delivers a smoother, more immersive gameplay experience.

Looking ahead, there are strong indications that Starfield, an upcoming game highly anticipated by the gaming community, may also leverage the advantages of DirectStorage. This is evident from the game’s system requirements, which specify an SSD as the minimum storage requirement for PCs. This suggests that DirectStorage is poised to play a pivotal role in Starfield, contributing to faster load times, seamless asset streaming, and overall improved gameplay.

While the current state of Diablo IV excludes DirectStorage support, Blizzard’s confirmation of its intentions to integrate this technology in the future demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for players. As technology continues to advance, the integration of DirectStorage in these games holds the promise of unlocking even greater potential for faster, more immersive, and seamless gameplay experiences.

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