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PS5 Owners Report Overheating Issue in Final Fantasy XVI



PS5 Owners Report Overheating Issue in Final Fantasy XVI

Shortly after the release of Final Fantasy XVI, several PS5 owners reported that their consoles were overheating and shutting down during gameplay. This article delves into the issue, providing detailed accounts from players and exploring potential causes and solutions.

Player Experiences and Speculations

Many players took to social media to share their experiences. One Twitter user, AnaSkudy, reported an overheating issue during a moment of Awaken in the game. Another user, Adrian55456928, pleaded for assistance, stating that despite cleaning their PS5 and ensuring proper ventilation, the overheating issue persisted.

The exact cause of the issue remains unknown. Some speculate that the intense battles and numerous effects displayed on the screen during gameplay could be contributing to the overheating. However, Square Enix, the company behind Final Fantasy XVI, has not yet provided an official comment on the situation.

Preventive Measures and Community Response

While the cause of the overheating remains uncertain, players are advised to ensure their consoles are clean and well-ventilated. Some users reported that cleaning their PS5 helped resolve the overheating problem. However, others stated that despite their consoles being clean and well-ventilated, they still received warning messages about overheating.

Despite these issues, Final Fantasy XVI, released on June 22, 2023, exclusively for the PS5, has been praised for its graphics and technical performance by experts at Digital Foundry. However, they also noted noticeable issues in the performance mode.

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