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Final Fantasy XVI – Hide, Hideaway (Main Mission) – Walkthrough



Hide, Hideaway - Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Hide, Hideaway mission of Final Fantasy XVI.

Hide, Hideaway – Walkthrough

Hide, Hideaway mission takes place in the territory of the Hideaway region. Players will be free to explore the hub area throughout the mission but for the first objective, players need to head to Cid’s chambers located on the map with Red Icon. Press the Touchpad to see the location on the map. Hold the L3 Button to use Animal Instinct to locate the objective.

Follow the path to reach Cid’s chambers and watch the cutscene. After the cutscene, head to the main hall to watch a brief cutscene. Now, speak with Blackthorne in the Smithy which will be right in front marked with Red Icon. Speak to Blackthorne and give him the Continental Rum and a crafting tutorial will start in which players will get to forge a new Belt with a higher Defense Attribute. So, go on and do that.

Handover Continental Rum

After that, speak with Goetz who will be just outside the smithy shop. Talk to him and a brief cutscene will start. After that, talk to the man who is tending to the bearers and he will tell you to fetch Tarja from the infirmary. Go up the stairs and talk to Tarja. Watch the cutscene and then talk to Charon at her Stall. Players will get the tutorial for buying and selling items by talking to her.

After that, grab the supplies from the other side of the hall by holding down the X Button and it will unlock the Arete Stone where players could do training. Once done with that, open the map from the main menu, and a new location named “Greatwood” will be marked on the map. Hover over the location and hold down the X Button to fast-travel to Greatwood.

Greatwood location

It will conclude the Hide, Hideaway mission of Final Fantasy XVI.

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