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Final Fantasy XVI – How to Use Limit Break



Final Fantasy XVI: How to Use Limit Break

Limit Break is one of the infamous combat moves in the Final Fantasy franchise and the Limit Break in Final Fantasy XVI is no different. Using the Limit Break will turn Clive into a flaming competent who will take down anyone in his way without a sweat. It is a crucial element in combat that can turn the pace of the battle in favor of the player.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use limit break in Final Fantasy XVI.

How to Unlock Limit Break in Final Fantasy XVI

Before players will get to unlock the Limit Break ability, players will have to progress in the main story and defeat the boss named “Infernal Shadow”. Defeating the boss will unlock access to the new Eikonic Abilities of Ifrit as well as unlock the Limit Break ability. Players would be able to see the Limit Break Ability along with newly unlocked abilities in the Abilities Tab.

How to Use Limit Break in Final Fantasy XVI

The Limit Break can be activated once the bars of the Limit Break Gauge are charged. The Limit Break Gauge is Yellow Bars that will appear under Clive’s HP. These Bars will charge gradually as Clive deal or take damage. The bars can be quickly charged by using Eikon Abilities and Feats on enemies. Once the bars are fully charged, press the L3 and R3 buttons at the same time to activate the Limit Break. While in the Limit Break form, Clive will receive the following buffs.

  • Increases Spell Damage to double.
  • Increases overall damage by 10%.
  • Increases Eikon Ability damage by 10%.
  • Increases Defense by 10%.
  • Restores HP on each hit.
  • Prevent Stagger and KO while taking damage during Limit Break.

Now, Limit Break can also be activated on a single-charged Limit Break Gauge Bar. However, the bar will drain more quickly than the fully charged bars but still it can make a huge impact in battle if you are struggling. At the start, Clive will only have 2 Bars of Limit Break Gauge but players can choose to upgrade Limit Break Gauge by spending Ability Points in the Abilities Tab at the Limit Break Ability. Upgrading the Limit Break to max will increase the Limit Break Gauge Bars to 4 which will allow Clive to stay in unstoppable form for a longer time.

Limit Break Ability

That is all related to Limit Break in Final Fantasy XVI. You can also check our complete walkthrough & guides on Final Fantasy XVI.

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