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British retailers have notified some of the pre-ordered Xbox Series that their consoles will be delayed



Microsoft, Google & Co. could soon divide the games industry among themselves

According to VGC, in early October, the British retailer ShopTo sent out a letter to some pre-ordered Xbox Series with a notification that they will not receive their console from the first batch of deliveries for release. Like GameStop, ShopTo Accepted orders, forming a queue of those who wanted to.

ShopTo notified pre-orders about the delay of consoles after Microsoft told stores the size of the first batches. Earlier, retailers sent out the same notifications after they received information about the volume of the first shipments of the PlayStation 5. In the case of the Irish GameStop, Sony’s console for some pre-orders will be delayed until 2021.

As with the PlayStation 5, retailers offer only two options for those who pre-ordered the Xbox Series-cancel the order or stay in line and wait for new deliveries. It is not yet known when they will start.

Earlier, Amazon also notified pre-orders of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series that their order may be delayed, but there is no exact date.

As analysts assumed at the end of the summer, even taking into account the established production due to the coronavirus pandemic and high demand, Microsoft and Sony will face problems in logistics, and not everyone will be able to get the console at the release.

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