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Capcom reached the highest value of its shares in its history thanks to the launch of Monster Hunter Rise



Monster Hunter Rise has become the best-selling game in the UK

As you all know, Capcom surprised Nintendo fans with not one, but two new Monster Hunter games. The first one is Monster Hunter Rise, the latest installment in this series of action role-playing games, where players will face fearsome monsters and climb to new heights. They will travel to the picturesque village of Kamura, a peaceful mountain town where players will discover a unique culture and the latest in hunting technology. Thanks to a special insect called Cablebicho, hunters will be able to move in any direction and scale imposing cliffs and structures. All combat zones for each mission are connected, allowing you to explore the vast, vertical landscape without loading times.

This long-awaited title is one of the most outstanding games of the hybrid console for this year and has been available since last Friday. Well, good news comes to us in this regard and that is that the launch of this title shot Capcom’s shares to their all-time high on March 26.

These are the most relevant details that have been shared:

  • Capcom’s shares peaked at 7,470 yen ( about € 57) and are its highest value to date.
  • The Monster Hunter saga has already sold 66 million units worldwide between all its deliveries (not counting the sales of Monster Hunter Rise).

If to all this we add that on its official website it has been shared that Monster Hunter Rise already exceeds 4 million games sold worldwide in just 3 days, without a doubt we can say that there are good times for Capcom and a brilliant future of the saga (more if possible). For comparison purposes, Monster Hunter World in the same period on PS4 and Xbox One sold 5 million, that is, it has only sold a million less despite being an exclusive title for now on Nintendo Switch (we remember that it is scheduled to be released in PC in early 2022). And this is only just the beginning.

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