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Capcom: Resident Evil 3 Remake Sales Not Far From Our Internal Forecasts



Capcom's financial report: three million copies of Resident Evil 3 Remake and the best second quarter in history

In early August, Capcom reported that shipments of the Resident Evil 3 remake totaled 2.7 million copies as of June 30, up from 2 million in the first five days of the game’s release in April. This result, compared to the sales of the Resident Evil 2 remake, is not impressive – in less than two months, deliveries reached 4.2 million copies.

However, as Capcom said in a conversation with investors, such performance of the game is generally in line with its internal plan.

Looking back at what the sales of the original Resident Evil 3 were, the result didn’t deviate much from our internal plans.


In addition, in the session of questions and answers, Capcom noted that it does not yet have a strategy to change the prices of games for the next-generation consoles.

In addition, the company noted that it intends to go almost entirely to digital so that it accounts for about 90% of its sales.

If we divide the shares of Capcom’s sales by platform, then 35% comes from PlayStation, 35% from PC, 15% from Xbox, and another 15% from Switch.

Finally, Capcom assured that despite the pandemic, there is no risk of production delays among its studios.

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