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CDPR Is Getting Sued For Misleading In Order To Obtain Financial Benefit



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Warsaw-based lawyer Mikolaj Ozhechowski plans to file a class-action lawsuit against CD Projekt RED. He published his public statement on the form of the Polish financial portal

Ozhekhovsky claims that he is one of the shareholders of the company that developed Cyberpunk 2077. Numerous scandals around the release of the project prompted the lawyer to take active steps, due to which the CD Projekt RED share price rushed down.

The lawyer is currently collaborating with an unnamed law firm that is analyzing the possibility of bringing a class-action lawsuit against the company’s management to court on the basis of Article 286 of the Polish Criminal Code (fraud). A certain investment portal is also connected to the work.

According to Ozhekhovsky, representatives of CD Projekt RED deliberately misled shareholders and buyers in order to obtain financial benefits. The lawyer wants to contact his comrades in misfortune to understand whether to submit the materials to the court on his own or if there are other people and investors who have found themselves in a similar situation.

Here is the post shared by Mikolaj Ozhechowski.

Here is the translation.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,My name is Mikołaj Orzechowski, I am a Warsaw attorney at law and a CDPR investor. In connection with recent events – and in particular the suspension of the sale of the product CYBERPUNK 2077, we are currently analyzing, together with the law firm’s team, the grounds for filing a class action together with filing a notification of the possibility of committing a crime under article 286 of the Civil Code. – misleading in order to obtain a financial benefit. If you are interested in participating in the above, please contact us at The contact is absolutely free of charge, my entry is to verify whether to undertake the above activities by yourself or whether there are more people in a situation similar to mine. We are also preparing material, together with one of the Internet portals, about the rights of investors, in case of such a bright, inconsistent with the facts, the attitude of the board – see information about the fact that the game is ready, taking into account several delays in the release, as well as statements in which the said board admits that it did not exercise due diligence in developing the game for the PS4 platform.I kindly inform you that I will not provide any comments in this thread. Any entries will remain unanswered.Thank you very much,with respect,attorney Mikołaj Orzechowski

The management of the Polish studio made a big mistake in deciding to release Cyberpunk 2077 in such a deplorable state. Yes, the PC version works more or less fine, but the company’s top management literally lied at meetings with investors and journalists, talking about how “wonderful” the versions for the previous generation consoles worked.

In reality, porting to PS4 and Xbox One has received little attention. Moreover, at the last meeting with investors, representatives of CD Projekt RED admitted that the company literally deceived representatives of Sony and Microsoft, so that they let raw Cyberpunk 2077 builds go through control.

People who are counting on the fact that the developers will finish the game on PS4 and Xbox One should take off their rose-colored glasses. Even after tweaks, it is extremely unlikely that the performance of the above versions will improve. This was confirmed by CD Projekt RED, asking to moderate expectations.

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