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Cyberpunk 2077 – Finding Skippy: How to get one of the best weapons



Cyberpunk 2077 - Finding Skippy: How to get one of the best weapons

There are more than enough weapons in the world of Cyberpunk 2077 : from more or less conventional baseball bats to all kinds of firearms to futuristic Mantis blades built into the arms, almost everything is represented. A special feature is the so-called smart weapons, which automatically target and track opponents with appropriate cyberware.

You can find one of the most powerful representatives relatively early in the game – even with little effort. In our guide, we show you where you can find the powerful smart pistol called Skippy and how you can use it most effectively.

Since smart weapons become more efficient, especially in combination with the corresponding cyberware, we reveal in a separate guide which upgrades are particularly good:

Find Skippy and use it properly

Location of Skippy

The Smart Pistol is one of the most iconic weapons in the game, meaning it has unique properties. In the case of Skippy, this is all the more true because the pistol is really special. But more on that later.

First of all, it is important to find a weapon. It’s not particularly difficult because it even has a quest marker in Vista del Rey in Heywood. If necessary, do not be confused by the danger level “Very High”: There are no fights at this point.

Go to the marked spot and then jump over a small fence into an alley. There you will find a body and a suitcase with Skippy in it. Take the gun and Skippy introduces himself: Literally because the gun speaks to you.

Unlike most of the weapons in Cyberpunk 2077, the smart pistol has artificial intelligence that communicates with you in a sometimes bizarre way. If you also use the German voice output, you will hear the dubbing voice of Spongebob SquarePants at this point.

What can Skippy do?

In addition to being able to speak, Skippy is special in two other ways. For one thing, you never have to upgrade the pistol, because of the damage scales with your level. You can save your upgrade materials for other things.

On the other hand, Skippy has two fire modes, where you have to choose one. After you have picked up the weapon, the pistol has a choice:

  • Ice Cold Killer: Only gives headshots
  • Kitten-loving Pacifist: Just shoot your legs

The first reaction: Of course, choose the upper mode, because headshots do the most damage – logical. Unless you want to use Skippy primarily to knock out your opponents instead of killing them. If you try a peaceful no-kill run, you can do without additional special ammunition, very practical!

For everyone else, we recommend the headshot variant for Skippy in Cyberpunk 2077. However, there is a small catch that takes a while to reveal itself.

Very important: As soon as you have killed 50 opponents with Skippy, the pistol will speak up again and force you to use the mode that you did not choose at the beginning. This cannot be reversed!

It is therefore advisable that you select the pacifist mode at the beginning in order to distribute effective headshots later. In addition, you must not select the “Killing is wrong” option in the dialog, otherwise, the weapons will also remain in kitten mode.

Complete Skippy’s side mission

After using Skippy for a few game days, the pistol starts a new side mission and reveals who its previous owner was. This is one of the fixers who regularly feed you with side jobs.

If you are following the side mission, you can return Skippy to the fixer. In return, you will receive EUR 7,000. Alternatively, you can keep the weapon, because in “Ice Cold Killer” mode it is one of the most powerful pistols in the game.

With our guide, you will quickly find the way to Skippy and then you can freely decide which choice you make. If you also need tips for starting the game, need more Eurodollars, or are stuck on a mission, you should take a look at our other guides.

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