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Chickens in Farming Simulator 22: Produce more eggs!



Farming Simulator 22: Harvesting, selling, and processing soybeans

Chickens belong on every farm. If you don’t have a rooster crowing in the morning on your farm, it’s not a real farm! So you need a chicken coop.


First of all, you have to create space. The first question is whether it should really be a barn. You can also keep the animals outdoors. The following options are available:

  • Chicken enclosure: An enclosure for 30 chickens. Price: €.6.000.
  • Chicken coop: One coop for 360 chickens. Price: €.79.000.


You cannot buy chickens from the livestock dealer and transport them to the barn with your own trailer. These can only be bought from the animal menu at the chicken coop or enclosure. You have the following choices:

  • Chicken, age 0 months, price €5
  • Chicken, age 6 months, price €50
  • Cock, age 0 months, price €5


Chickens are relatively easy animals to care for. All you need is some chicken feed, such as wheat. Your hens will start laying eggs. Once you have decided on an enclosure, you need to regularly fill it with 750 liters of feed. Wheat, barley, or sorghum can be used here. At the front of the coop, you will find a silo for 9 m³ of feed. What is special about the chickens is that they do not need to be supplied with water. The feed is enough for them.


Farming Simulator 22 offers the possibility to process your products. For example, use eggs to bake a cake and sell it at a higher price. Of course, the eggs can also be marketed directly, but for a lower price. By the way, you will find the eggs practically packed on pallets behind the henhouse or at the feed trough near the enclosure. You can then load the eggs optimally with a forklift truck.


Income can also be generated by purchasing roosters. You can buy them so that the chickens reproduce and produce offspring. There should be 1 rooster for every 10 chickens. Make sure that there is always some space in the coop or enclosure so that there is room for offspring. These can then be sold for a profit.

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