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Choosing the Right Security Certifications CISSP vs CISM, CISA and CRISC



Certifications testify the skills of the candidate regarding the purpose of the certification. The candidate certified has access to wider and better opportunities pertaining to jobs and posts and a higher chance of being selected at interviews. The recruiter also prefers certified officials for risky fields like the one of cyber security. Cyber security is the amalgam of security management both at the user end and the provider end. It pertains to the elimination of risks, threats and as well as the proper management, creation and handling of secure networks and its allied features.
Certifications have come to be the sole criteria of selection when it comes to posts in IT organisations that are laden with high responsibilities and tough duties. This calls for cut throat competition for getting certified. Below are points to consider to efficiently choose and distinguish between the confusing options of CISM, CISA, and CISSP certifications.

Certified information system Analyst (CISA) Certification

The Certified information system Analyst (CISA) is the certification pertaining to operations of internal auditing, more or less similar with the CIA certification but different from the CISSP online certification on the technical aspects of databases containing information and architecture of information systems. Governing body of the CISA is none other than the ISACA. ISACA is the acronym for Information Systems Audit and Control Association, established in the year of 1969.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

CISSP certification is the short form for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. This is the certification one must get hold of if they are head straight about pursuing careers in security of networks in IT organisations.

The syllabuses of CISA and CISSP courses have several methods and concepts in common. It is due to the obvious reasons that they both tend to cater to almost same requirements of IT organisations. Although there are more technical concepts in the CISSP certification syllabus and more auditing concepts and processes in the CISA syllabus, there are similarities. These similarities are a hint that a candidate with one certification is expected to avail the second one much easily.

The certifications of CISSP and CISM are the most preferred ones among the lot. Below are provided the comparisons between the two for a better clarity in case there is option of choosing only one of them.

CISSP certification is a certification or short form for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. It is a globally accepted certification on cyber security that has wide preference among aspiring candidates due to its features. It is administered and managed by the organisation called as the ISC 2 (which is broadly identified as the International Information System Security Certification Consortium). This certification helps in testifying the skills of the candidate regarding cyber security that include various techniques used in penetration test, detection of threats, issues, vulnerabilities, weak access points, risks, malwares like viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc. in the computer lookouts and handling them with ease and protecting them from attacking the various parts of the system again. It also hints at the restoring of lost data successfully as well as back processes of risks in the networking firm due to some unavoidable threats that might have occurred.


The Certified Information Security Manager Certification (one of the most recognized certification) is the full form for CISM certification. Certified Information Security Manager (also known as the CISM) is such a certification which is appeared by many of the aspiring candidates who possess at least a 5 years of knowledgable as well as working experience in the sector of ethical hacking. It is effectively managed by the ISACA (Information Systems Audit & Control Association).
Every decision taken by a human comes from elimination of incompetent alternatives. The decision taking ability is tested and tried when it comes to choose between similar options that pertain to a more or less same purpose of certification. When it comes to the certifications of CISM, CISSP and that of CISA, there can be confusion. The above facts that have been compiled and painstakingly written above have every scope for the reader to gain knowledge on different aspects of the said certifications and thus view the certifications better.

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