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Creators of Disney Dreamlight Valley Announces a New Dungeons & Dragons RPG



Creators of Disney Dreamlight Valley Announces a New Dungeons & Dragons RPG

The Creators of Disney Dreamlight Valley, Gameloft announced their partnership with Wizards of the Coast, the IP-holder, and a division of Hasbro earlier today to develop and publish a new Dungeons & Dragons RPG. This upcoming project from Gameloft is being developed for both PC and console.

According to the announcement of Gameloft’s D&D project on both their website and Instagram post, the game is set in the mythical Forgotten Realms within the Dungeons & Dragons universe. If you have played last year’s Game of the Year, Baldur’s Gate 3, then you would recognize the word “Forgotten Realms” easily as BG3 also takes place in the same universe.

The game will bring unique cooperative gameplay along with an innovative hybrid of survival, life simulation, and action RPG. The story adventure of the game is backed by the rich lore of the franchise where players will get to meet real-time survival challenges at every turn.

Gameloft describes this new project as “Prepare for a unique and innovative experience blending survival, action RPG, and life simulation that will test players’ skills in an unforgiving campaign set in the D&D universe.”

Currently, there is no official Name for this upcoming project of Gameloft but there will be more details shared in the future. While announcing the new game, the Executive Producer at Gameloft Montreal, Lee Kaburis stated, “We are honored to partner with Wizards of the Coast to deliver a completely new experience in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.”

“We are all big fans of D&D and are already hard at work bringing our concept to life, including growing our team, and we look forward to sharing more details in the future.”

As this project will take time to develop, Gameloft is also hiring people for the D&D PC-Console Project that interested people can apply for on their official website.

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