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Claim These Free Items in Palia by the End of This Weekend



Claim These Free Items in Palia by the End of This Weekend

Palia’s new patch 0.177 has put out various new additions to the Palian World such as a quick way to travel to Bahari Bay and new Rummage piles that players can loot to get new decorative items and much more. There are several new hidden quests for various villagers as well that players can complete to earn new rewards. Alongside the new update, Palia is also handing out some free rewards this weekend one of which was the Froggy Bucket which expired yesterday.

However, worry not, if you missed the Froggy Bucket as there are two additional rewards that you can grab just by logging into Palia by the end of this weekend. These rewards include 5x Muujin Meat and 3x Soy Sauce. As Muujin Meat is hard to come by due to the hide-and-seek nature of Muujin creatures, it is the perfect time to stack up on some of their meat for delicious cooking recipes.

Not only that but the Soy Sauce which was originally added with the Luna New Year event at Maji Market has now been brought over to Zeki’s General Store. It can be bought 40 Gold each but you can save up your Gold if you just log into Palia this weekend and get three bottles of Soy Sauce.

To claim these free rewards, all you have to do is log in to Palia and open the News section from your inventory. There are still two days left to claim these rewards so hurry up and get these free items to use them in improving your culinary skills by cooking delicious food items.

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