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Palworld is Asking Players to Help Test New Content and Find Bugs



Palworld is Asking Players to Help Test New Content and Find Bugs

A new Palworld Testing Program was recently announced by the developers of Palworld, Pocketpair and they are asking players to test the new content and find bugs before the new content drops for the public. With this new testing program, players will be able to access the brand-new content for Palworld and test out the complete update to find any bugs necessary. However, it is not only for enjoying the content early or first-hand but it is for better future updates of Palworld content on all platforms.

Pocketpair announced this new Testing System on Discord and gave out a link to a Google Form from where players can sign up for the Palworld Testing. It is a closed testing system and is only for Steam players. This means that the players who own Palworld on Steam can only be able to participate in the testing by filling out the application form.

In the Discord, Pocketpair mentions that “the testing branch is not intended for free play or experiencing new content early, so we hope that only those of you genuinely interested in bug hunting and testing will apply.” Additionally, they added “Please note that the testing environment is very important for us to find and eliminate bugs and issues before releasing content to the public, so we would appreciate it if you only signed up if you are committed to the testing”

Players with the Steam version of Palworld and with PC specifications that meet the recommended specs for the game can join the testing and furthermore, Discord is also compulsory for joining the test. So, if you are someone who wants to help out Pocketpair in finding bugs in the new content of Palworld, you can sign up for free on their application form and get a chance to enjoy the new content for free.

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