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Crusader Kings III adds a full-fledged ruler editor



Crusader Kings III adds a full-fledged ruler editor

After the release of update 1.2, players will be able to create a completely new character, and then replace any existing ruler with it. In the editor, you can customize the origin of your ruler by selecting gender, orientation, culture, religion, the coat of arms of the dynasty, and so on.

Players will also be able to customize the characteristics of the ruler with 400 leveling points-they can be spent on skills and positive perks. There are no restrictions within these 400 points for the player — you can make your ruler as strong as possible or Vice versa weak, using negative perks as well.

The limit of 400 points can be exceeded, but in this case, achievements will be closed.

Finally, the editor allows you to customize the ruler’s appearance in detail.

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