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A group of Resellers from the UK managed to get 3,500 PS5



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Resellers are a big problem when launching a product with high demand, and in 2020, when people began to shop online more often against the background of the pandemic, the situation only got worse. In the case of the PS5, there was no other option at all, since Sony decided to cancel retail sales at the start.

As a result, a group of Resellers called CrepChiefNotify managed to get almost 2.5 thousand ps5s in addition to another thousand from pre-orders in September.

CrepChiefNotify is not just a few people. This is a group with managers, its own website, and even a paid subscription for 30 pounds a month, which gives users access to various services that facilitate the purchase of high-demand goods for profitable resale.

There are 12 managers in the British group, but there are only a few thousand participants, and the subscription is just over a year old. According to its representative, the group constantly competes with other dealers.

In an interview, the group said that against the background of the pandemic, consumer demand has shifted significantly towards certain products. For example, an outdoor Jacuzzi. Therefore, CrepChiefNotify developed software that tracks their shipments in stores. As soon as they appeared, the group gave the command to completely buy them.

In the case of consoles, Resellers also used various software that allows, for example, to bypass the waiting time, and bots that can buy goods as quickly as no one could.

Perhaps CrepChiefNotify had a hand in buying up new NVIDIA cards, which, like new-generation consoles, are almost impossible to find.

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