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Crusader Kings III rated for Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PS5 in Taiwan



Crusader Kings III rated for Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PS5 in Taiwan

Crusader Kings 3 could be coming to consoles, namely PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, according to a report from the Taiwanese Interactive Software Products Rating Board, with no timeframe for the eventual release yet.

Obviously, this is not to be taken as official or confirmed in any way, as rating boards often report errors or placeholders that are later corrected, but in some cases, they are instead harbingers of information well in advance, and in this case, the issue could be plausible.

It’s true that Paradox’s game is a far cry from standard console games, but over time user tastes have broadened and there’s no longer such a clear distinction between PC and console games, which could pave the way for a grand strategy on consoles.

Considering that Crusader Kings 3 is already available on Xbox Game Pass in the PC version, the idea is that it could arrive in the catalog of the same Microsoft service also on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, while on PS5 it would be distributed according to the standard dynamics. Curiously, there are no plans for a PS4 version.

If so, the game would definitely need some interface optimization, and quite a lot of it: Crusader Kings 3 remains one of the most classic examples of historical strategy games currently available, with a considerable structural depth, so it would need some work to be adapted to the controller, but we’re waiting for any information.

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