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Battlefield 2042, new leak with gameplay video from closed beta



Display FPS in Battlefield 2042: What you urgently need to pay attention to

Battlefield 2042 has fallen victim to another leak, with a new gameplay video leaked from the closed beta, despite it being NDA-covered and therefore not allowing users to share information and materials.

Despite EA’s efforts in trying to lock everything down after the first gameplay video surfaced and the threat of banning anyone who leaks videos and information, another clip directly from the current closed beta has just hit the net and been uploaded to YouTube.

In this case, we see another multiplayer game session, rather tense but giving a good idea of the pace and some gameplay mechanics, despite the beta being based on a still preliminary and not at all final build.

As you can see, the test takes place only on a partially developed and detailed map, with only a few usable game elements, but it already gives an idea of some features of Battlefield 2042, which makes the large multiplayer its main point.

Some specific elements of the new chapter can also be found, such as the possibility to modify and customize the weapon “on the fly”, as it was previously announced, in this case, applied on an MCX Spear, and various other details.

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