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Dark and Darker: How to do Extraction



Dark and Darker: How to do Extraction

Dark and Darker is an FPS survival game in which players will get to fight the other players along with Skeletons, Zombies, Flying Skulls, and much more in the Dungeons. The main objective of the game is to kill enemies, get loot, and do extraction without dying. As the dungeons are very dark and there are many enemies, it is hard to find the extraction points on the map.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do Extraction in Dark and Darker.

Extraction Points

Dark and Darker game is all about doing raids in the dungeons to take down the enemies and find useful items and loot to take back. Almost all of the raiding games have the Extraction Points in the game that are fixed but in Dark and Darker, the Extraction Points are all random and they can be spawned anywhere or any level on the map. As there is a total of three levels on the map, players will spawn in the upper levels because the lower levels are much harder and that is where the good loot is. Mostly, the players will make their way down to lower levels to find the loot and if they make it out alive, they will have to find the Extraction Point which is the Blue Headstone.

Extraction Points

There will be several Blue Headstones that will spawn in the dungeons that can be taken by the players to open up a teleport to extract the dungeon with the loot. However, their location is random so players will have to explore the dungeons to find one. They do not spawn at the start of the adventure but when they spawn, there is a notification pop-up on the top right of the screen. Keep an eye out for the notification and then start looking for the Extraction Points.


After finding a Blue Headstone, players can leave the dungeons alive by interacting with it. Press the F key to activate the Blue Portal and by taking the Portal, players will be able to extract from the dungeons. However, these Extraction Points only allow one extraction through the Blue Portal. If you are in a Team of Three, all of the players will have to find a Blue Headstone in order to extract successfully.

The Blue Headstone can last forever so, if you have activated it and you don’t want to extract yet then you can do that as well. But be careful because there is a chance that another player might steal your extraction point.

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