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Sports Story: How to Get Punch Licenses



Sports Story: How to Get Punch Licenses

Sports Story is a Role-Playing and Simulation game takes place in a town named Purestrike that holds a festival with a lot of Sports Games. Players will be able to play games with the NPCs on different difficulties to master the skills in the game. There are also different Challenges set by the organization of Sports Festival that can be played by the characters to get the Licenses.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Punch License in Sports Story.

Getting Punch License

The Purestrike town has launched a new golf course in the town along with other sports and on the launch of the new Golf Course, there are several challenges set by the Purestrike Sports Organization. Players can interact with these challenges to complete them and earn themselves a Punch License, Punch License is an important item as it increases your level in the game as well as unlock new things to do in the town.

Purestrike Sports Organization has a theme of Blue Color and if you see any NPC with Crossed Over Arrows Sign, go and interact with them and they will tell you the challenge. To participate in the Challenge Press A button and stand in the Blue Circle to start the challenge. Mostly the challenges of Purestrike’s are related to golf so, you would have to shot the Golf Ball inside the Yellow Rings and if you complete the number of rings in the given tries, then you will win a Punch License.

Challenge Mechanics

Challenges are different than the normal sports games and they follow a different mechanic. The Challenge’s mechanic is based on a bar with two Perfect Points. It somewhere works like a Power Bar where if you miss the Perfect Points, you might hit it very slow or very fast and miss the Yellow Ring.

Challenge Mechanics

The Perfect Points are shown with Purple marks on the side of the Bar and in between those marks there is a gap in which you have to stop the Red Crystal in the bar. You can start moving the Red Crystal by pressing the A button and when it gets close to the first Perfect Point, hit A to stop inside the space or near it. After that, the Red Crystal will come back and you have to stop in the second Perfect Point to make the perfect shot of the golf that will touch inside the Yellow Rings.

After you have hit the required shots in the Yellow Rings, it will complete the challenge and you will get the Punch Licrnse.

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