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Sports Story: How to Get Class C License



Sports Story: How to Get Class C License

Sports Story is a Role-Playing and Simulation game that takes place in a town named Purestrike that holds a festival with a lot of Sports Games. Players will be able to play games with the NPCs on different difficulties to master the skills in the game. Players will also have to level up their License Type to get access to higher-level places as well as shops.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get C Class License in Sports Story.

Getting C Class License

Your character will not have any License and all the characters in the Purestrike town love sports and all of them have a certain license. In order to progress in the game and unlock new items, you will have to get a higher-level License. The first License that you will have to get is the C Class License which can be bought from the License Shop in the Purestrike Mall.

To get to the Purestrike Mall, you will have to play through the prologue of the game and once you have checked into the Purestrike Resort, you will be able to explore all of the Purestrike Town. The C Class License will require you to get the following items.

  • 1 Punch Card License
  • $4.75

Once you have both of these items, you will be able to buy the License from the shop. The Punch Card is easy to get, you just need to complete any one of the challenges of Purestrike Sports Organization. There is one in the Mall as well in which you have to run through the Mall and collect the Blue Flags. Completing this challenge will also get you a Punch Card.

Players will start the game with $12.25 and the prologue of the game is not very long so you will be able to save enough money to buy the License but if you have less money then you can find money in different places. Mostly money can be found in the plants, or between the things in your Hotel Room. So, make sure to check around in the areas to gather some extra cents or dollars.

Once you have both of the requirements, talk to the person at the first counter and pay the money to go to the next counter. The person on the next counter will ask you a question about the golf and you have to accept the match and then answer the question by choosing the option “Demand a Point is taken against you”. After that, you will be sent to the back of the room where you will get to shoot a photo for your license.

Stand in the Blue area and you will get the option to make a pose. You can choose through different poses. Once you have done taking the Photo, you need to return to the counter and your C Class License will print out of the computer.

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