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Sports Story: How to Play Volleyball



Sports Story: How to Play Volleyball

Sports Story is a Role-Playing game with different types of sports which players can play throughout their gameplay. The Player’s character will be able to take participate in different challenges as well as help other NPCs in the game. Although, the main tasks of the game will revolve around sports so you will be playing many sports games. One of the main sports games that you get to play in the game is Volleyball.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can play Volleyball in Sports Story.

Unlocking Volleyball Sport

Volleyball is the first sports game that players will get to play on Purestrike town’s beach but players will have to complete the tasks of the coach to unlock Volleyball. The tasks are very simple in which you have to get 1 Beach Sandy and 1 Orange Juice for the Coach. Both of these items can be obtained from the Beach on their specific stalls. After giving both of the items to Coach, he will tell you to play Volleyball.

Playing Volleyball

Go to the Volleyball net on the beach and you will get to meet an NPC with whom you will be playing the game. Once all the players of Volleyball have gathered, the match will start. Volleyball is very simple to play as there are only four controls that you have to do while moving on your side. The first step to start the game is to Toss the ball to another side by pressing button A. When you toss the ball, wait for it to come down a bit and hit the A button again to bash it to the other side. Once the game is started, you will get to press the following buttons according to the position of the ball.

  • A > Pass
  • B > Jump
  • X > Bash
  • Y > Set

You can pass to your partner by hitting the A button when it’s your turn and you can also set the ball overhead for another team to get the advantage to bash the ball into their side. You can also bash the while jumping but it is really hard to hit as you have to time it right while the ball is coming down. Other than that, you can just play casually and get points easily.

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