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Sports Story: How to Level Up



Sports Story: How to Level Up

Sports Story is a Role-Playing and Simulation game that takes place in a town named Purestrike that holds a festival with a lot of Sports Games. Players will be able to explore different parts of Purestrike town and take part in different types of challenges and sports. However, some items and places required a specific level to enter, and for that players will have to level their character up.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to level up your character in Sports Story.

Different Ways to Level Up the Character

Leveling up your character in the game will give you access to locked areas and items as well as increase the Power of your character as well. Increasing the Power of your character will increase its strength which can be very helpful in sports games and challenges. There are various activities in Purestrike Town that your character can take part in to get EXP to raise its level. The activities that you can take part in are the following.

  • All Sports Games
  • All Challenges
  • Helping NPCs
  • Main Tasks
  • Side Tasks

Completing every activity will give you a certain of EXP and by gaining the total amount of EXP for a level will increase your character level. Your character will be able to take part In different sports games like Volleyball, Tennis, Cricket, and much more but the main classic sport of the game will be Golf which can be played almost anywhere in the town. Taking part in sports games and winning the matches will give you EXP.

Purestrike Sports Organization has organized various challenges for the people of Purestrike and your character can also take part in those challenges to get a Punch Card License as well as EXP. Mostly the challenges will be based on Golf so make sure that you know how to hit the ball to get it to the Yellow Rings.

You will meet different kinds of NPCs in different areas of Purestrike. You can talk to any NPC and if there is an NPC that requires help then you can help him/her as well. Mostly the NPCs that need help will require a certain item that can be found in nearby areas. Take time to help the NPCs to gain extra EXP.

The Main Tasks of the game will be given by the Coach of your character. Go to the Coach in the Purestrike Hotel to talk to him to get the tasks. Complete the tasks to progress further and gain EXP. However, there are also Side Tasks that you can complete in the game. These Side Tasks are activated by talking to random NPCs. You can complete the tasks to get extra EXP as well and it is a very efficient way to unlock new items and level up fast in the game.

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