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Sports Story: How to Calm Bees in Rustling Vale



Sports Story: How to Calm Bees in Rustling Vale

Sports Story will let players interact with various NPCs in the game and help them with their needs to get exclusive items for the adventure. As players progress in the game, they will get to an area named Rustling Vales where farmers are afraid of Bees as they do not let them enter in the farm. Players will have to find a way to calm down the bees.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to calm bees in Sports Story.

Rustling Vale Area

You can get to the Rustling Vale area by going to the left side of the Purestrike Hotel and passing the rails. The rustling Vale area will be on the right side and interact with the area to go inside. You will get to meet the farmers along with many other NPCs in this town. Farmers are facing a problem with bees and they are not letting farmers harvest their crops. Farmers will ask for your help and you will get a side task of calming down the bees.

Calming Down Bees

You need to go ahead in the area and talk to Woodmen in the Lodge Shack. They will require you to have an Axe in order to join them. Cross the bridge on the right side of the Lodge and make your way through the Mini-Golf area to reach a craftsman and give him the Cob Loaf. He will let you enter his shop and will give you the Axe temporarily if you don’t give him the Pristine Wood Chip in exchange.

After getting the Axe, you need to go to the Woodmen and go through their quest until they tell you to clear the Blue Birdhouse. The Blue Birdhouse is surrounded by bees and one of the Woodmen will tell you that the bees can be calmed down by the Smoke of Pine Trees. He will lead you to a Pine Tree and will ignite a little fire in a bush. You need to stand on the Pine Tree bush and start the golf. You need to hit the Blue Birdhouse by placing the Red Crystal in both Perfect Points.

After hitting the Perfect Shot, the bees will calm down and you will get to search the Blue Birdbox. Now, leave the Woodmen quest for a bit and go to the ignited Pine Tree bush again. Stand on the Bush and start the golf. Aim down towards the farm and place the landing point of the ball in the middle of the bees. Strike the Perfect Shot again to calm down the bees at the farm.

Go back to the farm and the farmers will let you take out the remaining nine bees into the beehive. Just go along the corn farm and catch the bees and you will get to go inside the house, where you can get several 10% off Coupons and some money as well.

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