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Dark Souls 2- All Achievements and How to Get Them



Dark Souls 2- All Achievements and How to Get Them

Today we bring you a complete guide with all the achievements of Dark Souls 2. The complete list to get 100% in this FromSoftware adventure.

  • Platforms: PC ( Steam ), PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Nintendo Switch
  • Hours for 100%: +80 hours approx.
  • Items for 100%: 2 games (2 finals)
  • Online achievements: No
  • Difficulty: There are no options.

Dark Souls 2 has a total of 38 achievements. Either it’s the first version or the Scholar of the First Sin.

Old memoriesTake back your body and carry on as undead.
This is Dark SoulsDie for the first time.
Bright oathDiscover the brightest oath
Protective oathDiscover the oath of protectors
Bloodthirsty oathDiscover the oath of the bloodthirsty
Submissive oathDiscover the oath of the submissive
Gnawed oathDiscover the oath of rodents
Noisy oathDiscover the noisy oath
Oath of the ancientsDiscover an ancient oath
Oath of the competentDiscover the oath of the competent
Abysmal oathDiscover the Abyssal Oath
Altruistic donorPay the utmost devotion to an oath
King’s ringGet the king’s ring
Ancient dragonObtain the Ash Mist Heart
Last Giant defeatedDefeat the Last Giant
Sinner’s BonfireLight the primal bonfire in the Hill of Sinners
Iron Keep BonfireLight the primal bonfire in the Iron Keep
Gorge BonfireLight the Primal Bonfire in the Black Gorge
Shining Stone BonfireLight the Primal Bonfire in Tseldora Shining Stone Cove
Mirror Knight VanquishedDefeat the Mirror Knight
Vendrick defeatedDefeat Vendrick
Supreme weaponReinforce a weapon to the limit
Master of gesturesLearn all the gestures
Master of magicLearn all the magic
Master of miraclesLearn all the miracles
Pyromancy masterLearn all the pyromances
Hex MasterLearn all the hexes
Heir to the throneLook at the end
Curious mapLight all the flames on the Majula map
Change of clothesGive Rosabeth from Melfia something to wear
Meeting of exilesIncrease Majula’s population
(Required characters are Cale, Carhillion, Chloanne, Licia, Melentia, Rosabeth and Gilligan)
Moonlight GreatswordInherit Benhart’s team of Juice
(Complete his questline)
Guardian of the fortInherit Captain Drummond’s equipment
(Complete his questline)
LucatielInherit Lucatiel’s equipment from Mirrah
(Complete his questline)
Blacksmith for lifeInherit McDuff’s Firm Hands Team
(Complete his questline)
Talkative miserInherit Stairmaster Gilligan’s
Equipment (Complete his questline)
Reflections on the soulInherit the equipment from Vengarl’s head
(Complete his questline)
The Dark SoulGet all the achievements/trophies

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