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Dark Souls Remastered – All Achievements and How to Get Them



Dark Souls Remastered - All Achievements and How to Get Them

Today we bring you a complete guide with all the achievements of Dark Souls Remastered. The complete list to get 100% in this FromSoftware adventure.

  • Platforms: PC ( Steam ), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch
  • Hours for 100%: +70 hours approx.
  • Games for 100%: 2 games (2 finals)
  • Online Achievements: No
  • Difficulty: There are no options.

Dark Souls Remastered has 41 total achievements, we can look for all the pacts and best weapons in the first game. In the same way with miracles and pyromances. But with the second round, by the second final, it can be 100% easier for us.

FireLight a bonfire.
Flask of EstusObtain a Flask of Estus.
Reach LordranGet to Lordran.
Bell (Undead Church)Ring the awakening bell of the Church of the Undead.
Pact: Blanca VíaDiscover the Blanca Vía pact.
Bell (Domains of Quelaag)Ring the bell of Awakening in the Domains of Quelaag.
Arrives at Anor LondoArrive at Anor Londo.
Vessel of the LordObtain the Vessel of the Lord.
Rite of FanningObtain the Rite of Fanning.
Covenant: Servant of ChaosDiscover the Servant of Chaos pact.
Art of Walking the AbyssObtain the Art of Walking the Abyss.
Defeat the Four KingsDefeat the Four Kings, Heirs of Souls.
Defeat Seath the FlakyDefeat Seath the Flaky, Heir of Souls.
Defeat NitoDefeat Lord of Souls Nito, the King of the Graveyard.
Defeat Bed of ChaosDefeat the Soul Lord Bed of Chaos.
Covenant: Princess GuardDiscover the Princess Guard pact.
Covenant: Hunter of the WoodsDiscover the Hunter of the Woods pact.
Defeat Priscilla the Half-BloodDefeat Priscilla the Half-Blood, the Goddess of Death.
Pact: Servant of the King of Cemen.Discover the Servant of the Cemetery King pact.
Defeat GwyndolinDefeat Gwyndolin the Dark Sun, the God of the Dark Moon.
Pact: Way of the DragonDiscover the Path of the Dragon pact.
Link the FireGet to the end of “Link the Fire.”
Strongest weaponGet the best weapon with standard reinforcement.
Pact: Sword of the DarkmoonDiscover the Sword of the Darkmoon pact.
Covenant: Warrior of SunlightDiscover the Warrior Pact of Sunlight.
Dark lordGet to the end of “The Dark Lord.”
Pact: Dark SpecterDiscover the Dark Specter pact.
Lightning weaponGet the best weapon with lightning booster.
Basic weaponGet the best weapon with basic reinforcement.
Divine weaponGet the best weapon with divine reinforcement.
Chaos weaponGet the best weapon with chaos booster.
Enchanted weaponGet the best weapon with enchanted booster.
Knowledge of a sageGet all the spells.
Crystal weaponGet the best weapon with glass reinforcement.
FirearmGet the best weapon with fire reinforcement.
Concealed weaponGet the best weapon with hidden reinforcement.
Bond of a pyromancerGet all the pyromances.
Magic weaponGet the best weapon with magic reinforcement.
Prayer of a ladyGet all the miracles.
Knight’s honorGet all the rare weapons.
The Dark SoulYou have obtained all the achievements. !! Congratulations!!

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