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FFXIV Endwalker: Pandaemonium Normal – Raid Guide



FFXIV Endwalker: Pandaemonium Normal - Raid Guide

Final Fantasy 14 also got plenty of new content with the latest expansion, Endwalker. The new Pandaemonium raids reward special armor items that can be exchanged for equipment with an item level of 580 at a dealer (X: 10.4 Y: 9.6) in Radz-at-Han.

Unlock Pandaemonium Raids: In order to be able to play the endgame content, first, complete the main scenario in Endwalker. Then go to Baldesion Annex in Alt-Sharlayan and speak to Nemjiji (X: 9.6 Y: 11.9) to unlock the raids. All four fights require an item level of at least 565.

First circle: Erichthonios

Erichthonios is the first boss who awaits you in prison. The main characteristics of the boss are his different chain attacks. In addition to the usual Raid-Wide AOEs and Tankbuster, there are three special core mechanics that build on each other. The fight, however, is very simple and shouldn’t cause you any problems.

Iron discipline: Erichthonios begins to swing his chains. Watch out for the boss’ arms during this attack. If he swings the chains with his right arm, you have to switch to the left side of the arena. If he swings the chains with his left arm, you have to switch to the right side. This attack accompanies you through the entire fight and can be used in combination with other mechanics.

Consuming elements: After a raid-wide AOE, the arena is divided into four sections. Each player receives either an ice or fire token. Ice and fire cubes appear in the sections at the same time. You now have to place your marker on the opposite element. After a short explosion, you get another marker and have to play the mechanics again.

Aetherzwinger: The boss divides the arena into blue and red sections. If he is preparing to attack “Chains bursting”, he will be surrounded by red or blue spheres. Your job is to take shelter in the area of ​​the opposite color. With red spheres, you have to stand on the blue fields.

Second circle: Hippocampus

The second boss is a dragon-like monster whose head and torso can act independently of each other. Hippocampus regularly floods the arena with enormous amounts of water. There are drain grids around the boss, on which you can get to safety from the masses of water. In addition to the well-known mechanics and the tankbuster “ double impact” , which should be shared, there are also a few special maneuvers.

Breathed cataract: the head and trunk attack in different directions. The direction of attack is indicated by an arrow mark. This is followed by two area attacks. The head attacks the half of the arena in front of it. The body makes a line attack. You are therefore not allowed to stand in front of your head or directly in front of or behind your torso.

Wastewater flood: The boss conjures up huge masses of water, with which you are only safe on the grid floor. During the mechanics, various attacks – such as a knockback – can occur, in which you have to be sure not to be pushed off the grid. “Contaminated Flood” and “Sewage Eruption” are AOE attacks that require you to spread out. Red markers must be placed in groups.

Third circle: Phoinix

The fight against the firebird Phoinix takes place in a circular arena. The main feature of the boss is many quick AOE attacks that you have to avoid. There is also an add phase that is coupled with a DPS check. You should internalize the following attacks in advance.

Experimental fire plumage: This attack has two variants: If a single large fireball lights up in front of the boss, you have to quickly move to the edge of the arena. If many smaller fireballs light up, first stand in the middle of the arena. Then fireballs rain down from the sky, which you best avoid by moving from the center of the arena to the edge.

Black rewards: four black flames appear in the arena. Four players are simultaneously provided with a special area attack called “Lichte Lohe”, which is marked by a white circle. Each of these players must look for a black flame and wait until the area attack is triggered.

Add phase: Phoenix calls four small miniature Phoenixes into the ring. At first, you only have to deal with two adds that have to be separated from the two tanks. If the two are defeated, the next two mini phoenixes appear. Make sure that the rings of the adds don’t cross each other. The add phase is also a DPS check. If you don’t manage to defeat the adss in the allotted time, the entire party dies.

Fourth circle: Hesperus

The final boss fight is surprisingly relatively simple. With his magical cloak, Hesperos can divide the arena into four sections and activate various elemental effects. Furthermore, Hesperos can launch attacks that are linked to the roles of the players.

Curtain up: Hesperos places his cloak on a quarter of the arena. In the middle of the mantle, there is a crater that can take on four different colors and provide information about the subsequent attack. Later on, Hesperos can cover the entire arena with four pieces of the cloak.

  • Blue = lightning: gather your party in one of the corners.
  • White = water: a knockback attack. Gather at the geyser and let yourself be pushed into the corner.
  • Red = fire: an area attack where you have to stay together.
  • Green = poison: an area attack where you have to spread out.

Wings: Hesperos moves to the edge of the arena and prepares to attack. Pay attention to the symbol that appears on the ground. With a sword, there is a huge area attack in the form of a cone – stand on the side of the marking. A knockback attack occurs on a wing – position yourself so that you are thrown into the middle of the room.

Winding Belone: Four large circles are created in the arena. Each circle has a crossed-out roller marker. Stand in the circle that does NOT correspond to your role. For example, tanks are placed in a circle with the crossed-out healer marker.

Bursting Belone: Each player is connected to a ball with a crossed-out role marker on it. As before, the solution is to run into a ball that doesn’t match your role.

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