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FFXIV Endwalker: The Reaper – Job Guide



FFXIV Endwalker: The Reaper - Job Guide

With the expansion of Endwalker, Final Fantasy 14 has received two new classes. The sage is the new healer class, for which we also offer a detailed job guide.

The second new class is the reaper, a dark grim reaper who adds one place to the list of melee attackers. The reaper is characterized by a flexible burst potential, but also has the necessary skills to reduce damage or heal himself with an AoE attack.

Unlock reaper: that’s how it works

To have access to the new reaper class, two requirements must be met. The first thing you need is the “Endwalker” expansion. You must also have a warrior or mage class of level 70 or higher in order to accept the reaper’s job quest.

If all requirements are met, it goes to the desert city of Ul’dah. In the Nald cloister, near the market, you will find a servant looking harried (X: 12.8 Y: 8.6). Interact with him to receive The Scythe quest. At the end of the quest, you will meet your mentor who, after a short conversation, will hand you the reaper job crystal and suitable starter equipment.

Similar to the wise man, it is advisable to complete the following job quests immediately. Right at the beginning of your journey, you have to complete a special instance in which you will learn the basic mechanics of the reaper.

This is how the reaper plays

The reaper is a new melee attacker, so its primary role is to inflict damage and evade enemy attacks. The reaper’s power comes from the thirteenth splinter world, which has been completely overrun by darkness.

Through the power of darkness, the reaper has access to an avatar of death who takes the form of a ghost and can carry out particularly powerful attacks. The reaper can even merge with the avatar for a short period of time, making attacks even more powerful.

As a budding reaper, you should first memorize the following combos. These are used to fill your soul bar and unlock stronger attacks:

Simple single target combo:

  • Slasher
  • New light slasher
  • Infernal rascal

Simple AOE combo:

  • Sickle vortex
  • Cutting nightmare

The reaper also has three useful skills with which he can move rapidly across the battlefield. Through the “Infernal Appearance” the reaper moves 15 yalms forward. With “hellish finish” it goes 15 yalms backward. If you activate one of the two abilities, a gate to hell is created. With the third ability “return” you will be teleported to the gates of hell immediately.

Strengths and weaknesses of the reaper


  • Burst combo can be timed well
  • There are hardly any skills that require a certain position on the opponent
  • Good alternatives


  • Rotation can be disturbed very easily

Job bars and resource management as reapers

The reaper has two resources to manage. First, you unlock the soul bar. You fill this red bar by using your simple combos. Each attack fills the soul bar by ten points. If you have collected enough souls, special avatar attacks can be used.

Avatar attacks in turn fill your second bar, which you unlock at a higher level. This veil bar is shown as a blue bar and shows the number of veils collected. The veils are used to activate the powerful lemur veil ability.

With a lemur veil, you fuse with your avatar and get five lemur souls. These lemur souls are used in the reaper’s most powerful attacks. In summary, it is your task to first fill the soul bar, thereby unlocking attacks that fill the veil bar, which in turn enables attacks to transform you into a lemur.

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