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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Data-Miner Reveal Fence Customizations, Building Upgrades, and More Will be Added With the May Update



Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Data-Miner Reveal Fence Customizations, Building Upgrades, and More Will be Added With the May Update

Animal Crossing: New Horizons just passed its first-anniversary last month, and Nintendo celebrated the event with tons of content updates. Among the updates introduced in the game are a multitude of Super Mario-themed materials, furniture, outfits, and decorative items.

The month of May is always one to look forward to in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. During the month in-game events such as May Day are celebrated. Furthermore, on April 28, the game received its version 1.10 update, which players are calling the ‘May update’. This update introduces the wedding season and themed items, along with seasonal items based on Mother’s Day and Cheese Rolling coming to shops.

Dataminers have found additional features currently in the game’s code that we could see in Animal Crossing: New Horizons very soon. Firstly, they have found strings of code associated with fence customization. These codes are titles “mRemakeFence” and “mRemakeFenceScale”.

Currently, we can customize items such as rugs, chairs, and other items of furniture. Not only can you change their colors, but also add patterns to them. Thus, it is safe to assume that we will get similar customizations for the fences along with the ability to alter their size.

In addition to fence customizations, there is also code signifying that we could potentially receive museum upgrades. The concept of building upgrades was first introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Based on the name of the code, it is clear that this building upgrade will add a new level to the museum.

Furthermore, they also discovered that hats from the French Revolution will soon be added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Lastly, dataminers have identified keywords in the code that indicates the creation of a new cafe. Data-miners have also found ‘cCafe’ as a code that surfaced recently. As a result, players believe that we could be seeing the return of the Roost. This was a coffee shop in New Leaf, run by the resident Brewster.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to receive new content to keep its dedicated fanbase interested and invested. While the French Revolution seems to be an oddly brutal choice for the kindly Nintendo title, Bastille Day has massive cultural and historical significance in France. Whether they want to celebrate a great French holiday or simply don a comfy-looking cap, players should be on the lookout for the Phrygian Cap around the July 14 celebration of Bastille Day.

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