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Dataminers leak new details from Crown snows from Pokemon Sword and Shield



Leakers who leaked Sword and Shield content prematurely ordered to pay damages to The Pokémon Company

As you know, the first part of the Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion pass, known as The Isle of Armor, has been released today. However, it seems that this content also includes hidden news about the second part of the DLC, Crown snows.

Dataminers have gotten to work and have found some data that until now we did not know about Crown snows.

  • New areas where to fly, among which we find the nests of legendary Pokémon such as Regis or legendary birds.
  • There do not seem to be any more new Regis apart from those already announced (Regidrago and Regieleki) and Hoenn’s originals
  • Various events and activities have been found for The Snows in the Crown, including Memories for Legendary Birds, the Regis, Calyrex, and something known as “Sancho” alongside something known as “BEEQUEEN_GAMEOVER” and “GST_KUSA_LEADER” / “GST_MIZU_LEADER”. The latter could be related to Vespiqueen.
  • There is also an event known as «GARIUM», for which details are unknown.
  • Additionally, there seems to be an event for those who meet conditions on both The Isle of Armor and Crown snows related to the mystic Swordsmen and Keldeo trio.
  • Armor Island has 17 different zones on the map and Crown snows has the same number of zones.
  • There is another event known as “HATAKE” that has not been detailed either.

Crown snows will also have its own Pokédex, which is hidden for now.

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