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Dave the Diver – How to Get Iron Ore



Dave the Diver: How to Get Iron Ore

There are several materials that are used in the crafting of various weapons. Players will have to get different kinds of materials like wood, ropes, copper ores, and many more. There are three kinds of ores that players can find in Dave the Diver and all of them are used for crafting various weapons. The rarest ore in Dave the Diver is the Iron Ore and it is mostly used for the crafting of heavy weapons like Sniper Rifle that deals a great amount of damage to fish and sea creatures in the depths of Blue Hole.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to Get Iron Ore in Dave the Diver.

How to Get Iron Ore in Dave the Diver

Iron Ore is the rarest among the ores in Dave the Diver and the only place to have a chance of finding the Iron Ores is to dive deeper in the depths of Blue Hole. The Iron Mining Rock is of Iron Color and when players get near it, it will have a shine on it which makes it more prominent in the darker waters because it is mostly found in 90+m depth. Most of the deposits of Iron Ores are spawn in the range of 90m – 130m which is only achievable by upgrading the Diving Gear.

Players will have to upgrade their Diving Suit up to Level 4 to increase the Depth Limit to 120+m and then dive into the Blue Hole to reach the deeper waters. While swimming down into the deeper waters, players need to keep an eye out for a shining Iron Mining Rock. Upon finding one, they need to use the Dive Knife or another Melee Weapon to break down the Mining Rock to get the Iron Ores. 1 Iron Deposit gives 3 Iron Ores and each Iron Ore weighs 0.4 Kg. To get all three pieces of Iron Ores, players will be needing a space of 1.2 Kg in the Cargo Box.

After finding the Iron Ores, players will have to safely get out of the water either by swimming up to the surface or using the Escape Pod. If players die during the dive session, they will lose all of the gathered materials, fish, and items and they will have to repeat the process in the next dive to get the Iron Ores.

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