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Dave the Diver – How to Hire Staff



Dave the Diver: How to Hire Staff

Hiring Staff is crucial at some point in the game because it is almost impossible to serve every customer with a smiling face at the Sushi Restaurant. As player progress in the game, the number of customers will gradually increase, and the more fame the restaurant gets, the more customers will come to enjoy the food at the best Sushi Restaurant in the world. To counter the high number of customers at the restaurant, players will have to hire staff in every possible position to cook and serve food more quickly to the customers.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to hire the staff in Dave the Diver.

How to Unlock Staff in Dave the Diver

Before players get to Hire the Staff at the Sushi Restaurant, they will have to unlock the Staff. To unlock the staff, players will have to complete a side quest named “A Scolding from Yoshie”. Yoshie is the old boss of Bancho and she will require a recipe made with Shark Head. Players will have to gather the following ingredients to make the recipe.

  • Olive Oil
  • Whitetip Reef Shark

Once players have the ingredients, go to the Sushi Restaurant and research the recipe to make Whole-Roasted Shark Head. Serve the recipe to Yoshie and it will unlock the Staff Tab that can be accessed from the restaurant.

How to Hire Staff in Dave the Diver

To hire the staff, players can follow the following steps.

  • Select the Staff Tab while at the Sushi Restaurant.
  • Select the Add Staff option in the Kitchen, Dining Area, or Waiting Room of the Sushi Restaurant. Selecting the Add Staff in Kitchen will hire a Cook and selecting the Add Staff in Dining Area will hire a waiter.
  • To hire the staff, there are three different methods that players can apply. They can either send a Flyer Ad, make a commercial for TV Ad, or create a Post for Internet Ad.
  • Once the Ad has been deployed, the hiring will start and players will have to keep checking the Staff Tab for any request for the positions. Hire the staff, you see fit for your Sushi Restaurant.

Another thing to keep in mind is that different Hiring Methods cost according to the Ad Type. The Flyer Ad costs $50, the TV Ad costs $150, and the Internet Ad costs $400. At the start, players can select the Flyer Ads to hire the staff, and as players make more money they can choose the TV Ad or Internet Ad to hire more experienced staff members.

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