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Destiny 2: Lightfall – How to Get the Deterministic Chaos Weapon



Deterministic Chaos

A new exotic weapon named “Deterministic Chaos” has been added to the new expansion of Destiny 2. With this new exotic weapon, void builds will never be the same because, for a void build, you will have to get an exotic item that will keep you melting the enemies. This new exotic weapon will help you take down enemies more quickly.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Deterministic Chaos Weapon in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Exotic Quest for Exotic Weapon

To get the Deterministic Chaos Weapon, you will have to complete the quest named “Unfinished Business” which will be available once you have completed the Lightfall expansion campaign. After completing all 8 chapters of the campaign, you will get this quest from Nimbus. After talking to Nimbus, you will have to gather the following resources.

  • Cipher Qubits

Cipher Qubits can be obtained by clearing the Vex and each Vex will drop a single Cipher Qubit. You will have to gather 8 Cipher Qubits and then use them to extract Rohan’s Data from Cloud Accretions in Neomuna. You will have to extract the data 5 times so you will have to gather 40 Cipher Qubits. Go with your party to gather the resources quickly to extract the data.

Extract Data by collecting Accretion

After that, the quest will update and you will have to get the Data Package from Maya’s Retreat. Go to the pinned location on the map and kill the enemies to make your way to the vex object. Interact with it to acquire the data package. After that, go to Radiosonde and fight your way to Nimbus and Osiris. After the conversation with Nimbus and Osiris, you will get to complete the Lost Sector in Living Harbor. By completing the Lost Sector, you will have to get the item from the cache and the quest will update.

Now, you need to go to Ahimsa Park to kill 100 Shadow Legions with your abilities. After doing so, follow the mark on your map to go inside the portal. You will reach an area where you will have to kill Esteemed Incendior to collect the objects. Now, you will have to visit Nimbus and you will get Rohan’s Passkey. Make sure to have an additional space in your inventory for the Passkey because it will take space in your inventory.

Now, you will have to go to Maya’s Retreat again and go to the pinned location to start the mission named “What Remains”. In the mission, you will have to complete the raid and by reaching the end of the raid, you will get access to the Deterministic Chaos Weapon.

What Remains mission

You will also get to test it in the last few minutes of the mission as well. After completing the mission, you will be able to use the Deterministic Chaos Weapon freely.

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